Dr. Nibedita Pramanik available to speak in churches this fall

Dr. Nibedita Pramanik available to speak in churches this fall

Global Ministries is happy to share that a Partner-in-Residence will be available to visit churches this fall. Dr. Nibedita Pramanik will be available to speak from September 8 through October 24, 2024.

Dr. Nibedita Pramanik is the director of Evangelical Hospital Society Khariar, India.  She has been serving this institution since 2007 in different capacities: as a junior medical officer, as a general and laparoscopic surgeon, and, starting in 2015, as the director of the hospital. She trained at the CMC Vellore Medical School and received additional training in urology in 2022. She was moved by the area’s poverty and crying medical need and heeded God’s call for her to commit her life to missions.  

She dreams of making Evangelical Hospital Society Khariar a well-equipped tertiary care hospital that can provide competent, compassionate service to the most critical patients. She has additionally undergone training and education as a palliative consultant and has a heart for dying patients.  

“She says, I strongly felt that the Lord was leading me to be planted here in Khariar, and I was moved by the crying need for medical help in this region.  I dedicated my life to missions at the tender age of 24 years to serve long-term in Khariar. I have the vision to make Khariar not just a surviving mission hospital but a thriving mission hospital, a mini CMC, and a tertiary-level medical center with a medical school in the future.”

Dr Pramanik shares hopes for US visit:

“I hope to be able to let the churches (both UCC and the Disciples) and individuals know about how this little frail 4-bedded medical mission started in 1930 and has grown into a 110-bedded secondary level multispecialty hospital. I want to share with them the trying conditions of persecution and financial strains that this organization has suffered and yet been richly blessed by the prayers, good wishes, and contributions of the churches and individuals. I want to testify to my brothers and sisters in the US on how God has enabled us to stand against all odds and be a progressive hospital adopting modern technology in medicine and surgery with a spirit of Christ’s love and compassion and offering competent care to the poorest of poor at very affordable prices, while all of the staff working in very low salaries, and striving to serve and follow Christ. I want to inform them about the needs and plans of this organization. I also want to inform them about the orphanage and the school that the hospital supports.”

Dr. Pramanik’s is a member of Mukti Marg Church, Church of North India, Khariar
She belongs to a believing family and is the firstborn of 2 siblings. She is married to Engineer Leonard Rozer Samuel, who serves Evangelical Hospital Society Khariar as the general superintendent. She is blessed with 2 young children, Ruth and Levi, who are 5 and 3 years old, respectively.

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Read more about the work of Evangelical Hospital Society Khariar: https://www.globalministries.org/project/evangelical_hospital_khariar/

Dr. Nibedita Pramanik will be available to speak from September 8th through October 24, 2024. To schedule a time when Dr. Pramanik can come and speak in your congregation, email us at serve@dom.disciples.org.