Dr. Douglas Corpron revisits hospital in Thailand

Dr. Douglas Corpron revisits hospital in Thailand

After a career of serving the Yakima community, he revisits the small hospital in Thailand where it all began 50 years ago

Members of the Northwest Region of the Christian Church are invited to hold in prayer Dr. Doug Corpron, active member of Englewood Christian Church in Yakima, on his six week journey to Thailand.  He left the states January 3rd. along with daughter Pam, professor at Whitworth University and a group of students on their mid-term experience in Thailand  He is serving as a resource for their tour. 

Later this month, Doug has the privilege of participating in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Kwai River Christian Hospital.  Dr. Corpron and his wife Helen were the founders of that medical outreach ministry.  Helen and Doug served eight years (in the 1960’s) as missionaries to Thailand with the United Christian Missionary Society and under the Church of Christ in Thailand (a united church).  Doug and Pam will be joined at the week of celebration by one of Doug’s sons.  Concern has been expressed about the continuation of the hospital for lack of medical staff and because of the current political climate which is cracking down on refugee activities (i.e. the eviction of the Hmong peoples back to Laos).  When Doug returns he will have a better sense of what will be needed and if the hospital can continue its service.

During his mission terms Dr. Corpron was assigned as a doctor of medicine in Sngklaburi, Thailand.  His work included extended visits among the Telekon and other animistic peoples.  These weekly trips to outlying villages included immunizations and primary health care.  This increased the load at the Kwai River Hospital that saw seldom less than fifteen people in a ten-bed hospital and outpatient clinics that served 25-35 people most every day.  They also developed a school with two Thai teachers and two first-grad classes.

Dr. Corpron retired from a respected family practice in Yakima about ten years ago.  In the late 90’s he was named Family Practice Physician of the Year for the State of Washington.

He was born of parents who were missionaries to China and the Philippines.  He received his MD in 1956 from the University of Washington.  He earned a BA degree from Chapman College in 1950 and did graduate studies at Brite College of the Bible at TCU in Fort Worth, TX.

The Northwest Region celebrates our Global Mission connection through the faithful leadership of Dr. Douglas O. Corpron and we look forward to his return and report and pictures of the Hospital celebration.

Article in the Yakima Hearald about Dr. Corpron’s visit to Thailand