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The Dr. Jazlin Ebenezer Research Fund was established in 2004 – first as a part of the Lady Doak Endowment Fund and later, in December 2012, as a separate stand-alone permanent fund of Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ.  Dr. Ebenezer is a graduate of Lady Doak College in Madurai, India in the field of Chemistry.  She is a professor of Science Education and Curriculum Studies at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA. She does school classroom research on chemistry and science teaching and learning.  She travels the world to talk about good science teaching and learning.  She honors the education received at Lady Doak College with the establishment of this endowment fund. 

Distributions from the Dr. Jazlin Ebenezer Research Fund will provide grants to small teams of multidisciplinary faculty members at Lady Doak College to conduct research on how women learn science and to disseminate findings at national and international conferences, as determined by Lady Doak College in Madurai, India. 

Lady Doak College (LDC) was established in 1948 by Miss Katie Wilcox, a U.S. educational missionary.   It has grown from three thatched sheds to a lovely campus with more than 20 buildings.   LDC achieved autonomy in 1978 and was awarded the highest Five Star Status by the Indian National Accreditation Council.  It is an autonomous, progressive women’s college with an international outlook and provides high quality, holistic education.  Enrollment is approximately 3,000 students (of whom 1,700 receive financial aid) from cities and villages across south India and beyond.  There are 140 faculty members, most of whom are women, many with PhDs and international connections.  LDC offers BA, BS, MA, and MS degrees as well undergraduate studies in science (zoology, botany, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biotechnology, computer applications, information technology), humanities (English, Tamil, history, economics, social sciences), commerce and business administration.  Thirteen post-graduate degrees also are offered.  For over 50 years thousands of Indian women have been educated to serve and lead their communities and nation in countless ways.  Lady Doak College states their purpose as:  “to impart a liberal Christian education to students of all creeds … to develop their intellectual powers, locate, identify, and cultivate their interests and talents, and train them to be responsible and useful citizens.”

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