Dr. Manfred Laun Receives Margaret Eddy Award

Dr. Manfred Laun Receives Margaret Eddy Award

Read about Dr. Manfred Laun receiving the Margaret Eddy Award at Kodaikanal International School, India.

Kodaikanal International School, India

Global Ministries is pleased to announce that Dr. Justus Manfred Laun was presented with the Margaret Eddy Award from Kodaikanal International School in India.  Dr. Laun, UCC medical missionary to India, served for 30 years at what today is the Evangelical Hospital Khariar in north India.

The Margaret Eddy award was established by the Council of Directors of the Kodaikanal School, granted  annually to a distinguished alumnus of the school.  Although Dr. Laun is not an alumnus of the school, he was made the recipient of this award in recognition of his many years of service on the Board of Management of the Kodaikanal International School as well as serving as its Chair.  Dr. Laun’s son, Markus went to Kodaikanel and received the award on May 19 on Dr. Laun’s behalf http://kisnewsletter.wordpress.com/category/alumni/.   

The award honors Margaret Eddy, who was born in Ohio.  Her eldest son, Sherwood was a missionary at the Madurai Mission in Batlagundu at the foot of the Kodai Hills.  His mother visited him in 1900 and saw the great problem the missionaries had with the education of their children.  Margaret Eddy managed to rent a room and started a school with 13 pupils on July 1, 1901, as she was a trained teacher.  She was the first principal of what is now Kodaikanal International School.