DSPR/JCC Teenagers: All We Can Offer Is Our Youth

DSPR/JCC Teenagers: All We Can Offer Is Our Youth

DSPR_MECC.jpgby Reem Haddad

The Joint Christian Committee (JCC)* teenagers were far too young to note the forlorn stand of the elderly man standing in the middle of what used to be a stunning century home with high ceilings and archaic roof – the trademarks of a charming old Lebanese house. They rushed by him, stopping only to bestow the usual Arabic greetings required, and continued energetically to the small garden behind the house where a mountain of wood debris, mostly remnants of oak doors, awaited them.

The man, 90, surveyed them at first without much interest. He had nodded courteously to each “good morning amo (uncle). I hope you are doing well’, greeting and silently watched them rush to the garden. His interest suddenly peaked, he walked over to the youngsters and asked them to transport the wood into the house carefully. “Maybe we can save something,” he said. “For now, it will protect them from the rain.”

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*Joint Christian Committee (JCC) is how the Middle East Council of Churches’ Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) is registered in Lebanon.