Easter message from Haiti

Easter message from Haiti

Dear Partners and Friends

Greetings from Haiti!

During a recent visit to one of the member churches of the organization where we have been assigned, a young lady, Gina, had an urgent desire to express gratitude for God’s presence in her life during a difficult ordeal. She described how she had been involved in an accident high in the mountains of Haiti on a road without rail guards. Passengers in the front of the public vehicle, along with the driver, managed to escape but she and others were trapped inside as they watched it catch fire. The combined strength of the remaining passengers was not enough to push the door open. As thoughts of being burned alive raced through her mind, a sudden calm came over her – not resignation but rather deliverance as she prepared to render herself completely to God. A few moments later, without any logical reason, the door opened and everyone escaped just before flames consumed the entire vehicle. When they looked around and saw how dangerously close they were to a cliff and heard someone in the crowd say that the diesel fuel prevented the vehicle from burning faster or exploding, they fell to their knees and stretched their arms in thanksgiving to God.

Gina did not have much to offer as a monetary gift that Sunday. She offered her testimony of a living experience while in God’s presence. She ended by saying, “I have so little to give as an offering today; but, I thank you, Eternal, for loving me so much that you would give back my life.”

We, too, are grateful at this special time of the year. We are grateful for the many ways you have supported our ministry over the years. Your generosity, not only to our personal ministry but the whole church mission through Disciples Mission Fund, makes a tremendous difference in the lives of so many people. Without your generous gifts, we would not be able to serve people on your behalf in many parts of the world. We would not be able to offer words of encouragement to our partners to stand firm in face of so many difficulties. We would not be a presence at a moment when they feel abandoned.

The Easter Offering is vital to the work of Global Ministries/Division of Overseas Ministries. As Disciples, this is an opportunity for us to stand in solidarity with over 160 partner churches and service programs in more than 90 countries around the world. We have personally witnessed some of the great needs in many parts of the world where the Disciples are present. We have heard stories of gratitude like Gina’s from people who do not have material wealth, but who are prepared to offer us their faith, their love and their strength unabashedly.

We thank you for sharing through Disciples Mission Fund and this year’s Easter Offering. Please know that your offering will change many lives.

May God continue to bless each one of you.

Together in Christ,

Daniel and Sandra Gourdet

Daniel and Sandra Gourdet are missionaries with the National Spiritual Council of Churches in Haiti (CONASPEH). Daniel serves as a consultant for development programs. Sandra serves as a consultant for educational programs.