Educational Success for HIV-positive Boys in India

Educational Success for HIV-positive Boys in India

Snehakunja Children’s Home is run by the Diocese of Calcutta of the Church of North India and supported by Global Ministries.

sujan_and_pinyu.pngSujan, Jeet, Palash, and Pintu have lived in Snehakunja Children’s Home for many years. They are HIV-positive and had no one to look after them. They are all the same age and became a part of Snehakunja Children’s Home when they were quite young. They have now grown up to be young men and they are doing well in every subject of school. They participate in dance, arts and crafts, play violin, and are interested in helping elders. They believe in working hard.


This year, they took their secondary level examinations. Special attention was given to them and they were given extra time with their teachers as they prepared. They worked hard and followed their teacher’s instructions. On the day of the exams, they were nervous, but their teachers were there to support and encourage them. They successfully passed their exams with flying colors! We are grateful for Rev. Ashoke Biswas who was always encouraging them along the way. We are all happy that they have succeeded their first exams and we hope they will pass all their exams in the future. 

palash.pngJeet was not well during the exam which made us tense, but by God’s grace he performed all his exams well. The young men have decided to take art as their subject in their next classes. They found success through hard work and a love of learning.

In all of this, the young men forgot that they have compromised immune systems. Their diagnosis has not kept them from achieving what they want in life. They refused to give up as they have goals so strong that obstacles, failure and loss only act as motivation. We are all so happy and proud of them and we hope this news will bring joy to everyone!