Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem February newsletter is now available

Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem February newsletter is now available

Monthly news from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Dear Friends,

February has been a month in which we have worked together, prayed together and worshipped together as the Body of Christ. We held a Women’s Workshop that focused on the role of women in the church. We were grateful to have time with the Archbishop of Canterbury as he finished his pilgrimage here in the Land of the Holy One. We celebrated our renewal of Baptismal vows in the Jordan. And as always our doors were open to the many visitors who come to worship at the Cathedral of St. George the Martyr, here in Jerusalem.

As we enter the Lenten Season, a time of reflection and contemplation, we take this time, to perhaps, give up or take on something that will remind us of our dependency on God. Lent is, in many ways, an iconic time, when all things point to God, when we live in the knowledge ‘that all things come from thee, O Lord; and of your own to do we give to thee’. We live in the joy that we know the end of the story. We know that although this time leads us to the cross and Christ crucified, it also leads us to the empty tomb. Christ resurrected in Glory.

I pray that you will have a Lent that gives you rest, peace and hope.

Peace, Salaam,

+ Suheil Dawani
Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

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  • Women’s Day in Ramallah
  • Baptism and annual pilgrimmage to the Jordan River