Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem May 2012 newsletter

Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem May 2012 newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Spring has arrived in Jerusalem – our City of Hope and Resurrection. This month has been one of great celebration as we have greeted the warm weather, the intoxicating aroma of roses and the blooming citrus trees.

We have also celebrated the installation of our new Dean of St. George’s Cathedral. The Very Revd Hosam Naoum has become the first Arab Dean to be installed here. Our service of installation, held on Ascension Day, was full to capacity with clergy and friends from around the world who came to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

The presence of the Heads of Churches with us that morning showed the strength of the Church of Christ in this city of Jerusalem, and also places on us a great duty and responsibility. We are called upon to comprehend and accept the nature and deep significance of Jerusalem, the City of God, and we, as the Body of Christ, are partners in the mission for peace and justice.

This month of May ended with Pentecost Sunday, another wonderful day of festivity as we celebrated what in Jerusalem we call the birthday of the church. The Church goes on by the empowerment of the Spirit, by preaching Christ, by bringing men and women under the influence of Christ and the Spirit, by working for peace, justice and reconciliation and by the work of our institutions. Our presence is witness to the living God.

It is our hope that as we work together, at St. George’s and in the Diocese of Jerusalem, and in the City of Jerusalem, and in the world at large, that it will be a blessing to all as we continue to strive to maintain the Christian presence in the land of the Holy One.

+ Bishop Suheil Dawani
Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

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