Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem June 2012 newsletter

Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem June 2012 newsletter

monthly newsletter from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Dear Friends,

The theme for this year‟s graduations is “Humanity.” The graduation season runs through May and June. It is the time in the life of the graduating students when the years of nurturing and growing in education and maturity have brought them to this point in their lives when they are ready to be leave their schools and be sent out into the world. It is an exciting and special occasion as the students are now prepared to move on to the next stage of their education and lives. I have had the pleasure to attend all of the graduation ceremonies in the Diocese of Jerusalem. The institutions of our Diocese provide equal opportunity to all students to learn skills necessary to be self-supporting and contributing members of society. Our institutions serve the greater needs of our people by living and teaching mutual respect, cooperation, and peacemaking.

However, amidst the joy of celebrations, we continue to deal with the ever present situation here in the Land of the Holy One. Our hospital in Gaza is facing a major crisis as funding has been drastically cut. We pray that this situation will rectify itself and in the meantime, Al-Ahli Hospital continues to be the Light of Christ serving the community without regard to race, religion or financial means. Your prayers are greatly appreciated as we work together toward upholding our brothers and sisters in Christ, as they struggle through this time.

I attended the Christian – Muslim Peace Summit in Beirut, where many religious leaders from around the Middle East gathered. The Theme of the summit was – “Building Justice and Peace in a Violent, Changing World”. All our prayers continue for peace and reconciliation everywhere.

As always, St. George‟s continues to greet visitors and welcome pilgrims from around the globe. Our doors are always open and we look forward to your visit.


Bishop Suheil Dawani

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