Evangelical Hospital – Khariar, India

Evangelical Hospital – Khariar, India

April 2015

In 2014, Evangelical Hospital-Khariar, India continued to provide medical services in a region with 80% illiteracy, high incidences of communicable diseases, and drought.  This facility has maintained its 110 inpatient bed capabilities and averaged an occupancy rate of 90 inpatients per day in year 2014.  The Evangelical Hospital-Khariar served 27,000 patients in their outpatient department, performed approximately 1,800 surgical procedures, took an average of 2,000 x-rays, and over 100,000 laboratory investigations. Evangelical Hospital-Khariar gladly supports nine physicians, 72 nursing and/or support staff – including 20 nurse midwives, and a general staff of 14, including a full time chaplain. 

The Evangelical Hospital-Khariar continues to keep a close relationship with the local church.  It conducts morning worship services, patient visitation and counseling, and it comforts the bereaved. Not only does the hospital cure patients and prevent disease, the hospital makes all attempts to impart the knowledge of God for the wholeness of the person. 

Evangelical Hospital-Khariar runs the Oriya Medium School for the children of hospital staff and the children of the surrounding villages.  Evangelical Hospital-Khariar also is one of the very few mission hospitals in India to be recognized as a training center by the Christian Medical Association for India.  Two classes are held each week in various disciplines of medicine and bedside teaching is done nearly every day.  

At this time, Evangelical Hospital-Khariar is working on many new priorities that, if fulfilled, will better help them serve their patients and their community.  These include: 

  • CT Scanner
  • Radio Therapy Unit
  • Blood Bank Cell Separator
  • Pediatric ward with a pediatric intensive care unit
  • Men’s ward extension (with equipment) 
  • Extension of the maternity ward 
  • Construction of a Pathology and Microbiology unit
  • Additional subsidies of the costs associated with the training of undergraduate and postgraduate doctors in pediatrics, psychiatry, anesthesiology, surgery, medicine, orthopedics and nursing.
  • Training for paramedics in areas of microbiology, biochemistry, and physiotherapy 

Among these priorities, Evangelical Hospital-Khariar also has one specific dream.  The rise of malignant diseases is significant.  At this time, the nearest unit to treat these diseases is approximately 400 miles way in a different state. The one unit in their state has not been functioning for some time. The Evangelical Hospital-Khariar would like to start a functioning radio therapy unit that could cover more than three million people in the immediate area. 

Global Ministries welcomes gifts for the work of the Evangelical Hospital-Khariar.