FMEEC: Evangelicals and Christian Presence in the Middle East

FMEEC: Evangelicals and Christian Presence in the Middle East

Written by Fellowship of the Middle East Evangelical Churches
September 17, 2014

The Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches (FMEEC) held its second International Conference on the topic, “Evangelicals and Christian Presence in The East,” from 10-12 September 2014 at the Concord El Salam Heliopolis Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

This Conference comes as a follow up to FMEEC’s previous conference on the same topic that was held in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012. It also comes at a very critical moment in our history because of the tragically deteriorating situation of Christians in the Middle East region, but especially in Iraq and Syria; where widespread proliferation of “takfiri” terrorism and violence, unprecedented in Middle East history, has wrought waves of killing, destruction and displacement. All this, is in addition to the tension and violence currently prevailing in Palestine and Lebanon.

The recommendations of the Conference were as follows:

  1. We affirm that Christian presence must be rooted and ensconced in the Middle East.
  2. We affirm that a sustained common life between Christians, Muslims and all other constituencies living in the Middle East, must be governed by the Charter of Universal Human Rights and by International Law.
  3. We appeal for the protection of all the constituencies living in the Middle East, irrespective of their religion and ethnicity.
  4. We call for the documentation and archiving of Eastern spiritual heritages through all available media instruments.
  5. We affirm that the rule of law and the statutes of citizenship in a democratic civil state, are the sole legitimate means of protection for all citizens and foreigners living in the Middle East.
  6. We seek to revitalize the spirit of ecumenism and unity by supporting the MECC.
  7. We commit ourselves to follow up the proceedings of the Conference and to implement its recommendations in FMEEC’s member churches locally; and shall create awareness programs pertaining to all the issues discussed at the Conference.

In solidarity with our sister Eastern Churches, and in coordination with the worldwide Evangelical community, we shall raise our voices in order to reach the ears of all international and world forums, so that the perspective of Eastern Christianity on the crucial issues facing the Middle East shall be heard loud and clear.

Click here to read the full conference message and statement.