Eye on Palestine: Joint Advocacy Initiative news update

Eye on Palestine: Joint Advocacy Initiative news update

Christian community to be divided by new section of Israel’s wall

The Israeli high court ruled this month that the military can begin construction on a segment of Israel’s wall in the West Bank that will divide land belonging to the town of Beit Jala.

The news shocked residents who believed that a high court ruling in April this year blocked construction in that area while the army was ordered to find a less disruptive route.

If built as originally planned, the wall would have cut off the Cremisan Salesian monastery and convent from the rest of the Beit Jala community.

With this latest ruling, construction will proceed with only minor changes – still dividing the land while carving out a small enclave to keep the religious sites accessible.

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Israel wrecked my home. Now it wants my land

The world is watching Susiya to see if Israel will demolish the community of 340 Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills. The Supreme Court here has refused to delay the forced removal of structures where 55 families have lived since they were displaced by state-sponsored archaeological digs that helped expand a nearby settlement. Living under the threat of demolition is a horrible experience. The Palestinians of Susiya probably feel disoriented, unstable and scared that their way of life could be dismantled at any minute. I know, because I am in a similar situation. In my neighborhood, the destruction has already started.

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Head of Lehava organization: “I support burning churches”

A scandal erupted at a panel discussion held in the Wolfson Yeshiva in Jerusalem, when the chairman of Lehava organization Bentzi Gophstein openly declared his support for the torching of churches.

To the astonishment of the remaining participants in the panel, who tried to confront him with words, Gophstein repeated his stand that church torching is a Torah commandment and is part of idolatry elimination: “Of course you should burn them.”

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PA to file lawsuit to UN and ICC over toddler burning

The Palestinian Authority, following the arson attack which burned alive an 18-month-old infant and left family in critical conditions, said that it was planning to file lawsuit against Israel in the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The PA leadership decided to seek a Security Council resolution condemning settler violence against Palestinians and Israel’s policy of building in the settlements.

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