February 2010: Peace, Reconciliation and Reunification

February 2010: Peace, Reconciliation and Reunification

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“In the name of Christ Jesus, our peace, in whom we are made one, who has broken down the wall of hostility, creating in himself one new people, reconciling all people to God in one body through the cross, thereby bringing the hostility to an end…” Ephesians 2:13-16

One hundred and thirty-seven church leaders from across the world recently recommitted to the goal of peace, reconciliation and reunification of the Korean Peninsula. The Consultation included presentations from the churches of North and South Korea, an overview of developments over the past 25 years, input from political analysts, and a joint celebration of the Eucharist led by North and South Korean church leaders. There have been many positive developments in the past twenty five years, including opportunities for visits by Christian leaders to North Korea and for North Korean Christian leaders to visit other countries, especially the opportunity for North and South Korean church leaders to meet and to gain in understanding and trust of each other; and the sharing of growing understanding and trust between North and South Korea. However, in recent years hostility towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the part of other countries has challenged the process, and the change of government in South Korea has brought a sharp change in outlook and policies towards North Korea.

The consultation created a statement calling for numerous actions and encouraging the international community to allow space and time for direct negotiations between North and South Korea to lessen tensions between them. They also called for support of the World Council of Churches’ initiatives and encouraged the Christians of North and South Korea to celebrate a turning point in their endeavors for peace and reunification in 2013. The statement concludes: “It is the fervent hope and prayer of all participants at the Tsuen Wan Consultation that the divided people of Korea will be reunited soon. We long for the day when the people of the Korean peninsula, together with the rest of the world, can join together in thanksgiving and joy to celebrate that they are again one people and one nation.”

Let us share in this prayer for reconciliation through peaceful means.

Global Ministries partners with the Presbyterian Church of the Republic of Korea (PROK).