Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue newsletter

Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue newsletter

Global Ministries’ partner, the FDCD, and its recent activities

The year 2011 was a special and unique one in the Arab World, it was the year of revolutions! What we witnessed was a wave of popular protest that led to regime changes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen. One of the important features of those Arab revolutionary popular uprisings is the remarkable bold youth presence that invaded the streets calling for a regime change. Related to it, the rise of electronic communication means. FDCD accompanied that movement and was in touch with its youth network and friends.

It was a special year for FDCD as well; an FDCD spring! It was the year that FDCD started implementing its strategic plan for the years 2011-2013, with focus on two major Programs: Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution and the second on Citizenship and the Empowerment of Women. It was a year of transition from a “project” to a “program” approach, and indeed this was a successful action.

The fruitful activities brought together more than 800 persons in various workshops, events, encounters and field visits. FDCD reached out to about 4500 persons in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.

2011 witnessed a new extended network, including new partners. For example in Iraq a partnership agreement was signed with the University of Duhok, in Egypt the Ibrahim Media Centre and in Syria with Muwatanyya Association in Aleppo. All added to enrich FDCD’s outreach in the Arab World. The same is true for Lebanon, where the Christian and Muslim seminarians came together in a project concerned with action towards a culture of peacebuilding within this complex context – as a response to the specific situation in Lebanon.

I am indebted to the partners who believe in FDCD’s mission/ ministry and capacity for their contribution and accompaniment to our staff and active participants in FDCD activities. To FDCD staff and volunteers who have achieved new strategic goals for 2011 with a great commitment to work for a better Middle East, for Lebanon and the region in matters that touch all its people in what leads to Democracy, Justice, Peace, Reconciliation and Active Citizenship.

Rev. Dr. Riad Jarjour
President, FDCD

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  • Promotion of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue
  • International work and study camp
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