Global Ministries at General Assembly 2019

Global Ministries at General Assembly 2019

There are many wonderful opportunities to connect with Global Ministries at General Assembly!

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The Southern Asia Initiative

Global Ministries is pleased to announce the launch of the next area initiative, the Southern Asia Initiative! Global Ministries will be celebrating the launch of this new, exciting initiative at General Assembly in a variety of ways. Visit us in the exhibit hall to learn more about how you and your congregation can engage with the Southern Asia Initiative.

International Dinner

Celebrate the launch of the Southern Asia Initiative!

Hear from Rev. Dr. Mery Kolimon, human rights activist and feminist theologian of the Evangelical Church of West Timor (GMIT) in Indonesia. Mery serves at the Moderator of the GMIT and Professor of Missiology, Contextual Theology, and Theology of Religions at Artha Wacana Christian University in Indonesia. Global Ministries Awards of Affirmation will also be given.

Monday, July 22, 5:00-6:45 PM
Hilton Downtown Ballroom Des Moines
Tickets are available for $25 via registration at Paper tickets are also available by check to Global Ministries, P.O. Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206, or can be purchased online, or by phone: 317.713.2555. 


Come visit the Global Ministries exhibit! Meet global partners, missionaries, and staff and learn more about how you can connect to the world through Global Ministries. Join in celebrating the launch of the Southern Asia Initiative!

Exhibit Hall Hours

Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 1 – 6pm
Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 6pm

Child and Elder Sponsorship Reception

Monday, July 22 – 1:30-3:00 PM
Hilton Downtown Des Moines

For child/elder sponsors and people interested in the Child and Elder Sponsorship Program. The speaker will be Ms. Betty Murillo, Director of the Dumaguete Kalauman Center for Development in the Philippines. This event is hosted by Ms. Linda Lawrence, Global Ministries Child and Elder Sponsorship Program Manager.
To RSVP, contact Linda Lawrence – or (216) 736-3222.


Sunday, July 21

Hearing the Story: Perspectives from the Middle East and Europe
Come hear partners of Global Ministries from the Middle East and Europe and learn about the joys and challenges they face in their daily life and work. This is a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn more about what is happening in the region from the perspectives of global partners.
Presenters: Partners from the Middle East and Europe and Dr. Peter Makari, Global Ministries Executive for the Middle East and Europe
1:30 – 2:50 PM

Hearing the story: Perspectives from East Asia and the Pacific
Come hear partners of Global Ministries from East Asia and the Pacific and learn about the joys and challenges they face in their daily life and work. This is a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn more about what is happening in the region from the perspectives of global partners.
Presenters: Partners from East Asia and the Pacific and Derek Duncan, Global Ministries Executive for East Asia and the Pacific
1:30 – 2:50 PM

Southern Asia Initiative Introduction

Sale of human beings for profit and pleasure, Violence in the name of God, and the rampant practice of discrimination and exclusion of some, are perhaps three most prominent moral challenges facing the world today.  This workshop with will share stories of suffering and struggle as well as hope from churches and civil society organizations in extremely diverse and multi-religious contexts of Southern Asia.

Rev. Dr. Mery Kolimon, Moderator of the Evangelical Protestant Church in Timor (GMIT), Indonesia will present her church’s efforts to confront and address the challenges of human trafficking and forced migration.

Ms. Annie Namala, Director, Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion, Delhi, will share about how people’s movements and citizens concerned about justice and rights in India are working together to confront, expose and resist the caste system, which is also considered as the largest systemic violation of human rights anywhere in the world.

Rev. Deenabandhu Manchala, a pastor and theologian from India and Area Executive of Global Ministries’ Southern Asia Desk will share stories of interfaith initiatives in contexts where religion is increasingly abused as a tool for hatred and division.  He will also present the main features of the Global Ministries’ Southern Asia Initiative 2019-20.
Presenters: Partners from Southern Asia, Rev. Dr. Deenabandhu Manchala, Global Ministries Executive for Southern Asia
3:00 – 4:30 PM

Tuesday, July 23

Death and Resurrection in Latin America and the Caribbean: an approach to environmental, social and human rights issues in the Region

The workshop will address the issue of violence in the continent and its manifestations through politics, indigenous cultures, and the environment as it is experienced from the communities and organizations represented by the resource persons at the workshop.  The civil war in Guatemala, migration throughout Mexico and Central America, and the passing of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico will be the key moments in recent history, covered by the workshop.  That will bring a comprehensive look into the discussion of the theme, bringing the harmful effects to the social fabric of the continent, but also how our Partners are dealing with those challenges, bringing the light of hope and resurrection into their respective countries.

Possible resource persons:

  1. Rosalina Tuyuc-National Confederation of Widows of Guatemala (CONAVIGUA)
  2. Carlos Correa-The Daniel F. Romero Center for Border Ministries and Strategies (Centro Romero)
  3. Juan Rosario- Alliance for the Sustainable Management of Resources 2025 (AMANESER 2025)

1:30 – 2:50 PM

Being a Responsible Global Citizen

Issues like human trafficking, welcoming refugees, fair trade, human rights, and climate justice are important to Global Ministries and international partners. Come learn about specific, practical ways that you and your congregation/group can heed God’s call to care for your neighbors and creation.
Presenters: Rebekah Choate, Global Ministries Associate for Global Advocacy and Education; Krista Johnson Weicksel, Global Ministries Associate for Global Advocacy and Education
1:30 – 2:50 PM

Hearing the story: Perspectives from Africa

Participants are invited to come and learned about transforming ministries in Zimbabwe, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo . The workshop will highlight ministries related to education, women, and development. Workshop leaders will give an overview of the socio-political context of their countries and offer suggestions on how individuals and congregations can accompany them in mission.
Presenters: Partners from Africa and Reverend Marco Cable, Global Ministries Executive for Africa
3:00 – 4:30 PM

Do You Hear the Call? Opportunities to Serve with Global Ministries
This workshop is for anyone and everyone who feels a call to serve with Global Ministries – as short term volunteers, long term volunteers, or supported missionaries. It is also for those who would like to help their congregation or church group get more involved in global mission – through participating in a people-to-people pilgrimage/mission trip, sponsoring a child or setting up prayer support for our mission co-workers and global partners. Come, get connected, and serve!
Presenters: Mission co-workers and Dr. Catherine Nichols, Global Ministries Executive for Mission Personnel
3:00 – 4:30 PM

Also related to Global Ministries

Making a Difference with our Dollars in Human Trafficking, Earth Care, and Israel-Palestine
This workshop will offer participants an overview of human trafficking, Earth care, and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and how money management intersects with these issues. Come learn about how our church is responding to these important topics and how we – individually and communally – can make a difference.
Presenters: Carol Devine, Pat Donahoo, Gary Kidwell, Peter Makari, and Marilyn Fiddmont (Moderator)
Tuesday, July 23, 1:30-2:50 PM


Addressing the State of Global Forced Migration
Concering the Re-Opening of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba (Sponsored by Disciples Women)

Resources for reflection on the theme

Bible Study by Rev. Nestor Gomez, Division of Overseas Ministries and Common Global Ministries Board Member