International Partnership Review Process

International Partnership Review Process

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The UCC Pacific Northwest Conference’s Mission Committee uses this review
in evaluating the vitality of their overseas church partnerships.


Regularly review your
Global Church Partnership. Review both independently and with your Global
Church Partner. The joint review might take the form of a conference call, email chat
room, postal exchange or a face-to-face meeting.

Assess and evaluate

What are we grateful for in this
What have you brought/given to me/us and
me/us to you? Where is Christ’s presence evident?
What do I/we want to do next? What can
I/we do?


As individuals and as a committee, review
the following aspects of your Global Church Partnership:

  1. Global Church Partnership
    Mission Statement
    a.  How have you lived
    out the Mission Statement together
    b.  What obstacles do
    you see that hinder the Mission Statement
  2. Relationships
    a.  Are you
    communicating with Global Ministries?
    b.  Is everything out in
    the open?
    c.  Are your relationships
    companionships? Paternalistic? Acts of solidarity? Creating dependency?
    Liberating? Trusting?
  3. Goals
    a.  What goals have you
    b.  What goals are not
    c.  What new goals
    should be considered
  4. Leadership
    a.  Who are the leaders
    of this partnership?
    b.  How is the
    region/conference staff involved
    c.  Are youth involved?
    d.  Is there rotation of
    e.  Is there
    “new-blood” in your Partnership Committee?
    f.  Is the Partnership
    “personality-based” or does it have a structural foundation?
  5. Opportunities
    a.  Focus on mutuality.
    b.  Be sure to consider
    options for both directions.
  6. Communication
    a.  How are you sharing
    news and enthusiasm?
    b.  Are you using your
    region/conference newsletter?
    c.  Are you using web
    d.  Are you visible at
    region/conference events?
    e.  Are you sharing news
    with Global Ministries?
  7. Budgets
    a.  Share and review
    partnership budgets for both partners.
    b.  Review the
    parameters for giving.
    c.  Contact Global
    Ministries Development Office regarding any financial projects.
    d.  Share partnership budgets
    with Global Ministries
  8. Projects
    a.  Identify areas of
    interest that have arisen and those that require further investigation.
    b.  Are both Global
    Ministries and the Partner denomination’s governing body and leadership aware of each project?
    c.  Whose project is it?
    Whose priority is it? Who initiated it? Is it one-sided or shared? Who
    energizes it?
    d.  Whom does the
    project benefit: the giver, the receiver, or both?
    e.  Will the project
    continue under new leadership?
  9. Advocacy
    a.  What advocacy work
    is underway?
    b.  What other advocacy
    opportunities are there?
    c.  Be sure to consider
    action going both directions.
    d.  Review page 11.
  10. Education
    opportunities – going both directions
  11. a.  What are you doing
    to share the story with congregations in region/conference?
    b.  With the whole church?

    Other Items to Review, Assess and Re-Negotiate: (list here or on a separate sheet of paper)