Study and travel opportunities

Study and travel opportunities

Global Ministries is in partnership with educational institutions in many countries. Many of these institutions were originally founded by UCC or Disciples mission co-workers, or by those of their predecessor denominations. Today these educational institutions are providing quality education to national and International students from the US. In addition to study at an existing educaitonal institutions, many Disciple and UCC members participate in study/travel opportunities and learning experiences throughout the world. The Common Global Ministries Board has some funds available to provide scholarships for those who want to participate in global education programs such as those listed. Please contact our office for information about eligibility and application procedures.


Country / Time Partner Institution Program Description
India 1 year Kodaikanal andWoodstock Schools Study at an American College Preparatory Boarding School
Russia 2 to 3 weeks (summer) Russian Orthodox Church, Russian Farm Project Ecumenical Experience for Youth and Young Adults
Mexico 3 to 4 weeks (July) Colegio El Pacifico, Mazatlán

Mexican Congregational Church

Intensive courses in Spanish, Mexican history and culture.
China  6 weeks (summer) Amity Foundation of the Chinese Christian Council Learn about China with a team of Chinese youth; teach English
India  1 semester -1 year United Theological College, Bangalore Enroll in Theological and Pastoral Programs
Taiwan 1 semester- 1 year Tainan Theological College and Seminary Enroll in Theological and Pastoral Programs
Costa Rica 1 semester – 1 year Seminario Biblico Latino Americano Enroll in Theological and Pastoral Programs, Spanish Necessary
Costa Rica  4 weeks CONVERSA – Language School Intensive Spanish courses
Guatemala Instituto Centro America

Intensive Spanish Courses and K’iche’

Guatemala Proyecto Linguistico Franciso Marroqui’n (PLFM), Antingua Intensive Spanish classes
Guatemala Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco de Español (PLQE), Quetzaltenango Spanish and K’iche’ language courses

There are opportunities especially directed to high school through college age young adults, ranging in category of service, i.e., Global Mission Intern, long-term volunteer, or short-term volunteer. This listing is available through the Mission Personnel Office.