Mission Co-worker Visits and Relationships

Mission Co-worker visits

Each Global Ministries mission co-worker serves with an international partner and then returns to serve in the US and Canada at the end of his/her term of service. During home assignment mission co-workers are scheduled for four months of interpretation in specific UCC Conferences and Disciples Regions. Usually these visits are scheduled 3-6 months in advance. Please be in touch with your Region or Conference office about your congregation's interest in hosting a mission co-worker. Should a congregation plan a special mission event, The Mission Personnel Office will try to provide a current or former Global Ministries mission co-worker or volunteer as a mission speaker. 

If you are a member of a congregation interested in requesting or receiving a mission co-worker visit while a mission co-worker is in your UCC Conference/Disciples Region please contact Catherine Nichols

 Find a Mission Co-worker Visit in Your State
 Planning a Mission Co-worker Visit in your Congregation
 Planning a Mission Co-worker Visit in your UCC Conference or Disciples Region
Evaluation of Mission Co-worker Speaker [PDF]
 List of Mission Co-worker Relationships

Missionary Resources

There are always new resources to read on the Missionary Stories and Letters page. You'll find worship resources, missionary photos, faith journey statements, and mission moments. Select a missionary letter the next time you prepare for worship, bible study or a prayer group.

Mission Stories
Weekly Prayers
Missionary Profiles
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Missionary Relationship 

The Missionary Relationship Program provides an exciting opportunity for your congregation to gain greater understanding of mission around the world.  By developing a relationship with a missionary, your congregation can put a face on mission and provide a wonderful church family for the missionary.

We have many exciting ways that you can deepen your relationship with our missionaries and we hope that your church’s Mission Committee can consider some or all as you enter into this relationship.

To Establish a Missionary Relationship

• Choose your missionary.  You can find more details about each missionary and their work if you click on their name on our globalministries.org.  Check out both the missionary, global mission intern and long term volunteer pages. All of our missionaries, in the various categories, are excited and ready to be connected to a local church.


How to Create a Strong Missionary Relationship:

A missionary relationship can do so much to enhance your congregation’s awareness of mission.




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  • Barun Senapati
    commented 2017-09-26 00:33:29 -0400
    Dear friend,
    Greetings you in Jesus name. We are so grateful to God for the opportunity He has given us to work for the evangelization of Odisha India. We are ambassadors of the Gospel in a land where thousands of villages are totally unreached. The people in these villages have never heard the Gospel – not even one time. India has one of the largest unevangelized populations in the entire world. We are doing our best
    to reach these people because we believe in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel…” Over the years, God has been rewarding our labor. Thousands
    of Hindus, Muslims and animists have embraced Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!

    Bethany ministries is an inter denominational, indigenous, faith, missionary independent organization. It is registered with the Government of India. The Vision of Bethany Ministries to reach ten tribes by word and deed.The Gospel of Jesus Christ and caring the poor, needy and destitute in all circumstances. Our concerns are the Holistic development of the poor and deprived community especially children and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our objective for this decade is to eradicate poverty and wipe out all superstitions and win thousands of lost souls for Christ. In spreading the Gospel, we are not only evangelizing but also tending to the material needs of the poor. We operate Orphanage, Child Development centers, Church Planting , Evangelism, School, Tailoring for the tribal women, Relief, Medical care & we also strive to meet the material needs of the thousands of poverty stricken people that we minister to in the states of India.

    We humbly request your prayers for this mission work in India. The field is ready for a great harvest of souls. The field is wide open for the harvest if we can send the missionaries. Odisha India is a land with thousands of ethno-linguistic groups, not to mention an assortment of world religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Zoroastrianism and animism. In India, we have 14 official languages and 1,400 minor languages, not to mention thousands and thousands of varying dialects. The task is great, but our God is greater still! We are expecting a great harvest of souls, even as we work to spread the Gospel in this very needy land. With your partnership, we can make a difference! Please pray, Visit and help as
    possible for the mission work in Odisha India.

    In His Mission

    Rev Barun Senapati.
    Bethany Ministries
    Post Box 17. At-PO- Kesinga
    Dist Kalahandi Orissa India. Pin No- 766012.
    Cell-0091-94373-62390- 08456018175