Mayfield Congregational Church, Sycamore, Illinois

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The congregation of Mayfield Congregational Church in Sycamore, Illinois, hosted a Vacation Bible School in Day Camp format.  Through the generosity of members, the Vacation Bible School took place at a working farm complete with horses, sheep, chickens, and kittens.  Various wildlife were also very present.  They decided that their mission offering should go to help farmers around the world.  After reading a report from Global Ministries missionary Phyllis Byrd, serving in Kenya, they decided to support farming efforts in Kenya.  Reverend Mary G. McKinney writes:

We took a 50 lb. bag of rice and set it in the middle of our circle in the barn each morning.  We shared that though the families of Eastern Kenya needed the rice, it would cost too much to ship this bag.  Therefore, we challenged the children to bring what they could every day.  Once they experienced the joy of giving, they brought more.  It went into an empty grapefruit juice can, so we could shake it all we wanted and nothing fell out.  At the end of the week we just took a can opener to the bottom and out came the funds. 

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