Global Ministries 2011 Wall Calendar

Global Ministries 2011 Wall Calendar

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Global Ministries 2011 Wall Calendar is a 13-month calendar (beginning December 2010) that lifts up our global work in beautiful photographs and descriptions.

As you journey through your year, walk with Global Ministries as we share stories and photos of our global partners, churches, missionaries and programs.  Each month of this full-color calendar offers a photograph, story, missionaries to pray for, and large blocks to keep track of your own schedule and engagements.

When the year is over, use the photos for a mission bulletin board or Sunday school.

If you have made a donation to Global Ministries over the past year, you will be receiving a calendar for free in the mail in December as our thanks for your support!

Order ONLINE or by calling 1-800-537-3394 and use item code: WCMG11.  Price is $7