Global Ministries and the China Christian Council work to Improve Access to Health Care

Global Ministries and the China Christian Council work to Improve Access to Health Care

Bajie Health Center
China Christian Council
Guizhou Province, China

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Global Ministries partner, the China Christian Council, is working to improve access to health care in the communities surrounding the town of Dujiang through the Bajie Health Center. The Bajie Health Center is located in Dujiang , which is on the eastern side of Sandu County. It adjoins with Xinghua Village of Rongjiang County on the east, with Zhonghe town, Shuilong district, Sandong district and Yanggong district on the west, and with Dujiang Township on the north. The 321 National Highway passes through Dujiang, and makes the Bajie Health Center very convenient and accessible for many. Dujiang Township is comprised of six villages including Bajie, Bahui, Zhongming, Guangming, Gaoping and Yangweng, where 11,000 residents live. Dujiang is a diverse community, being home to Shui, Miao, Han and Dong peoples. 

The Bajie Health Center serves all patients equally and wholeheartedly. The Center has a public health and general health programs, with 10 full-time staff members. Services currently provided through the Bajie Health Center include health examinations for the elderly, screening and follow up visits for high blood pressure and diabetes, pregnancy care, immunizations, physical exams, and many routine medical tests. On average, the health center visits surrounding villages once or twice each month to carry out their services. In addition, the health center staff supports and works in partnership with the Central Public Health Center of Dujiang in visiting and providing medical care for patients. 

The China Christian Council plans to purchase eyesight evaluation equipment, an audiometer, a portable electrocardiograph monitor, and several other items to further increase the number of services the Bajie Health Center is able to offer, and in order to further improve health care in the community.