Global Ministries at General Assembly 2017

Global Ministries at General Assembly 2017



The Caribbean Initiative

embracethespirit.jpgGlobal Ministries invites you to join us as we kick off the Caribbean Initiative at General Assembly! The whole church is invited to Embrace the Spirit over the next 18 months through the Caribbean Initiative. We will learn, understand, and expand our vision of the Church through our partners in the Caribbean region. Learn more by visiting the exhibit!


Come visit the Global Ministries exhibit! Meet global partners, missionaries, and staff and learn more about how you can connect to the world through Global Ministries. Join in celebrating the launch of the Caribbean Initiative!

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Saturday, July 8   9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday, July 9   1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Monday, July 10   9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday, July 11   9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday, July 12   9:00 AM – 2:00 PM





International Dinner – Hosted by the Council on Christian Unity & Global Ministries

  • The 29th Peter Ainslie Lecture by Reverend Joel Ortega Dopico, President of the Cuban Council of Churches
  • The official launch of the Caribbean Initiative: Embrace the Spirit with Global Ministries, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ
  • Global Ministries Awards of Affirmation

Monday, July 10, 2017
5:00pm – 7:00pm

JW Marriott Grand Ballroom
10 S. West Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Tickets are available for $25 – reserve yours now



Realities of Living Under the Israeli Military Occupation

Hear from Rachel Shomali, a Palestinian Christian and former Disciples Peace Fellow. She will be sharing stories of the occupation along with Global Ministries staff.

Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 202

Living out the Gospel to Be One: Global Faith Stories from Missionaries and Partners

Join missionaries John and Karen Campbell-Nelson serving in Indonesia, Phyllis Byrd serving in Kenya, Toni Reynolds serving in the Dominican Republic, Michael Joseph serving in Colombia and Niko Tapaeko, serving in Fiji, along with several of our international guests, to hear how their faith has enabled them to see the face of God around the world even during challenging times.

Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 203

One Church, One Nation, One Community Responding to Ebola

Hear from Mrs. Ebun James DeKam, General Secretary of the Council of Churches of Sierra Leone, will share an update on how the church along with the international community responded to the Ebola outbreak.

Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 204

The Process of Peace in Colombia

Jenny Neme, Executive Director of JUSTAPAZ, will share her experience and provide an update on the process of justice and peace in Colombia.

Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 208

Be A Global Mission Church

Find out how your congregation can become a Global Mission Church with new ideas and resources from Global Ministries, highlighting this unique program for congregations wanting to play a larger role in God’s Mission in the world.

Location: Indiana Convention Center Room 209 

Leading a Mission Pilgrimage
Find out how your congregation can organize a life changing experience through which participants meet our international partners in person, share their joys, understand their challenges, and experience their unique connection to our wider church.
Location: Indiana Convention Center Room 210

Words Matter: The Power of Language in Worship

How do our words in worship create safe and welcoming space?  This workshop will explore how the power of words can offend or create bridges in a multi-cultural world.  Presenter: Ana Gobledale; sponsored by Global Ministries

Location:  J.W. Marriott Grand Ballroom 10


The Caribbean Initiative

Building on the successes of the Congo Initiative and the Middle East Initiative, the Global Ministries Caribbean Initiative invites the whole church to focus on the region of the Caribbean for an extended period of time. Through highlighting aspects of mission and partnership, the Initiative offers an opportunity for the church to become familiar with the range of denominational partners in the region and the issues they face and the context in which they face them; how each of us as members of North American churches can become active in education and advocacy, as well as support the various programs and witness of partners in the region; and to learn about ways that the UCC and Disciples continue to build on an already-lasting history of engagement. Come and discover the opportunities your congregation will have to engage in new opportunities and resources for Global Ministries newest initiative.

Location: Indiana Convention Center Room 109

Refugees, Migration, and Trafficking: Global Perspectives

The world is witnessing the highest levels of human displacement and human trafficking in history. War, economics, natural disasters, and climate change are some of the many causes. A panel of four global church partners will discuss these issues from their own context, experiences, and ministries.

Location: Indiana Convention Center Room 110