Childrens Sunday School – God Loves all People

Childrens Sunday School – God Loves all People

Sunday School Lesson
Olinda Dos Santos
Immanuel Protestant Church (IPTL)
East Timor

Story and message: God loves all people

Read story of Luke 4:16-21

Implication: As Sunday school children you are all able to tell your mother and father, familiy and friends that Jesus loves all people in the whole world.

Jesus brings good news to the poor: the good news that Jesus brings is that although most people do not care about you or attend to your well being, Jesus does.  As people living in poverty and suffering we are able to gather together in the confidence that Jesus cares especially for us, watches over us and is with us in our lives.  Although we live in poverty and suffering, in the future we will join Jesus in heaven and live eternally in God’s good care.

Reflections of Pastors Durate Da Costa and Mery Olla
Immanuel Protestant Church, Lospalos, Timor Leste, (IPTL).
Luke 4: 16-21

Pastors Duarte and Mery believe this text is primarily about salvation in Christ.  Jesus reads the text from Isaiah and fulfills its meaning in his own life by offering salvation to all people who believe in him.  Salvation is most needed for people who are living in poverty and injustice because life is so difficult for them.  This is like living in “darkness” because they do not know the love of God made known in Jesus.

The “news” is good for the poor particularly because they don’t have anything.  They can only rely on God and God’s provision.  Rich people are inclinied to loose interest and trust in God as they aquire more and more wealth.

Implication for IPTL/East Timor context:

East Timor is one of the poorest countries in the world and IPTL members are among the poorest in the country.  Many still believe in traditional religions based on the fear of ghosts and spirits and their faith and trust in Jesus is still very weak.  IPTL’s mission must be to really think about we can help members really believe and trust in Jesus.  The leaders must have interest, patience and commitment to carry out this mission over the long haul.