Gryffindor ZINE

Gryffindor ZINE

Bruce & Linda Hanson – Honduras

The Hanson Family put all their possessions into a moving truck and moved to the beautiful city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras where their new home in the country awaited them.

The Hanson Family put all their possessions into a moving truck and moved to the beautiful city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras where their new home in the country awaited them.

ImageWe moved to Tegucigalpa the capital of Honduras. Its bigger than the other city we lived in called San Pedro Sula. The city is nice but the drivers drive like maniacs! There is lots of North American food and stores. I love it here. My friend’s cousin Rocky lives here. Tegucigalpa is a big city but safer. Its a lot cooler than San Pedro Sula. Our house in Tegucigalpa is green and the front yard has a “mini skate park” for Seth. Its really a sloping driveway, but it works as a skate park. The view from our house is really beautiful. It looks like trees in the Fall in Iowa, and has hills, mountains in the background and a little river that we can listen to when we fall asleep at night, or when we are just relaxing. Sometimes we eat breakfast outside on the porch overlooking the river. We also have a hammock and we want to eat pancakes in the hammock sometimes, but only from the PriceSmart pancake mix because they are fluffier!

ImageWe each have our own rooms. We don’t need air conditioning because our house is in the mountains a little and it is really cool, like in Copán Ruinas or Antigua, Guatemala. In the morning we have to wear sweatshirts or sweaters.

-Seth and Kesia-

Message from the Teachers

Welcome to the first addition of the Gryffindor Zine, the magazine of the Gryffindor Family Home School. We have made the decision to home school our children after struggling with the Honduran education system for almost two years. Now we teach in the morning and work in the afternoons and on Saturdays. We hope to share stories of our ministry here from the perspective of our children, give them practice in writing, and give them opportunities to share some of their school work with you all.

Shelly my turtle

I have this turtle named Shelly. She is a beautiful turtle with three colors green, brown, and yellow. She will snap at you to defend her territory but she hardly does. My friend Wilmer gave her to me and was happy to see me take care of her. Sometimes Wilmer’s parents forget to buy Shelly’s food. That is why I got her. She is a beautiful turtle but very serious too. She’s just a baby now but wait until she gets older we’re going to need rabbits to feed her. -Seth


ImageGabriela Grachen is the funniest girl. She’s in kindergarten. She lives close to PriceMart in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Her weight is medium and her height is down to my hip. She is shorter than me but she is stronger than me. Gabriella hair waves in the air when she runs. She doesn’t put it in a pony tail. The color of her skin is tan. Her mom is lighter than she is. Gabriella talks in a soft, baby voice. When we play hide-and-seek I like to hide under the bed and in the shower. She always finds me. My friend Gabriella is funny because we were playing with play dough and she got play dough in her popcorn!


A Sad Story

When we went to look at the new house there was a boxer dog that was skinny. It was in front of the new house. He came up to us and sniffed us. The realtor told us Imagethat the people that used to live in the house left their two cats and the boxer when they moved out. One cat died and the electrician took the other one. We don’t know if we are going to adopt the boxer.


The Rest of the Story

We found out that the boxer lives in the red house, but his owner doesn’t take good care of him. A lot of the neighbors feed him. He and Sparkles, our dog, they get together and play, then they fight, then they play, then they fight.


Skateboarding in Honduras

ImageI skate with a group. The founder of the skate club is my friend Bryand. He is the oldest one of all of us and man, can he skate! I skate at a church in Tegucigalpa. The church’s name is San

Miguel and it has a recreation place where we skate. Last Saturday the church’s school held a skate competition. Nobody won; it was just for fun. It was the first competition our group has been to. We skate practically every Saturday. Skateboarding is what I want to do with my life. When I’m not skateboarding with the team I skate down the hill that we live next to. I have several videos and pictures about skateboarding in San Pedro Sula. One of my goals is to skate in as many countries in Central America as possible. I have skated in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras. I have another goal is to learn as many tricks as possible. My other goal is to be professional in a year (when I turn 13.) The best spots to skate in Tegucigalpa are at the malls, banks and churches. At the banks they won’t let you do anything to do with skateboarding. If you are going to move to Tegucigalpa and you are a skater, and you are looking for good board go to the X shop.

Bruce and Linda Hanson are assigned to the Christian Commission on Development (CCD) to serve the Honduran Theological Community (CTH). Bruce is teaching HIV/AIDS education, prevention and care, while Linda is teaching theological courses.