Haigazian University celebrates its 65th year

Haigazian University celebrates its 65th year

Haigazian_logo.jpgHaigazian University celebrated its 65th Anniversary in a most unique way.  On Thursday, July 29, a musical event was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube. Haigazian continues to bring hope and encouragement to many.

This 65th anniversary program was not a mere celebration of a rich past. It is a call for hope and healing for tomorrow.

Distances have separated people from the views and tunes of the normally vibrant Haigazian University campus, its students, alumni, neighbors and friends. Amidst the pain of Lebanon, the brokenness of the world, and the suppression of the pandemic, let our simple yet inspiring program bring a smile to our hearts.

May we all be filled with hope, enjoy the views of the Haigazian University campus, and hear the tunes of a brighter and more favorable future.

Click here to watch the special musical program, “Haigazian University’s 65th Anniversary: Campus Views &Tunes.”