Haystack: Harvey Loomis

Haystack: Harvey Loomis

Only two of the five Williams students at the Haystack Prayer meeting ever left the United States, but the impact of their passion for missions is widespread.   Rev. Harvey Loomis, true to his early convictions, dedicated his life to domestic missions in Maine.

Rev. Harvey Loomis was Born 1785, in Torringford, CT.  A participant in the Haystack Prayer Meeting, he graduated from Williams College in 1809.

In 1811, Rev. Harvey Loomis became the third settled minister in Bangor, ME.  He was chosen to be the first minister of the newly formed First Church, which is now All Souls Congregational Church, UCC, in Bangor.

Rev. Loomis was considered a prominent citizen in Bangor, and was a principal contributor to the Bangor Register newspaper.

Rev. Loomis died in the pulpit on January 2, 1825 at the age of 39 years, following severe exertion climbing State Street hill on his way to church during a heavy snowstorm.