November 9 is a National Day of Action for Crisis in Horn of Africa

November 9 is a National Day of Action for Crisis in Horn of Africa

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November 9, 2011 is being set aside as a National Day of Action to help spread awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.   In East Africa more than 13.3 million people are in crisis – more than the populations of New York City and Los Angeles combined. The worst drought the world has seen in 60 years is devastating farmlands, uprooting families and killing tens of thousands in four countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. 

The crisis in the Horn of Africa is unlike any other – killing, starving or displacing over 13 million people in comparison to 2 million in 2004 during the Indonesian tsunami or the 3 million in 2010 during the Haiti earthquake.   A child is dying every six minutes in Somalia.  Millions in the region are facing untold suffering. Left with nothing, many from Somalia are walking more than 100 miles toward refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Through participation with Church World Service and the ACT Alliance, humanitarian workers are providing food and other essential aid in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.  While a civil war continues in Somalia, we are reaching people in the country and in enormous camps along the borders.  We have assisted with emergency food aid to more than 1,200 households in Mwingi and Kibwezi districts in eastern Kenya, as well as drought-resistant seed distributions to more than 1,400 households.   Church World Service continues with the construction of sand dams and shallow wells in Rift Valley and Eastern provinces. 

To highlight the uniquely devastating nature of this crisis Global Ministries, Church World Service and many faith based organizations are asking people to help spread awareness.  Learn more about the FWD campaign that has been launched by USAID.  FWD stands for Famine, War, Drought ‐ the three major crises at play in the Horn of Africa.  But it also stands for our call to action so people get informed, get engaged and forward the facts on to their friends and families because there is hope for the people in the Horn of Africa. 

We need your help.   Please speak out about the need for continued U.S. humanitarian assistance in the Horn of Africa.  Aid that saves a life or creates a more secure future for children is not wasteful spending. Our leaders need to hear this message now more than ever. Write a letter to your Congressional representative or local newspaper.  

Go to to get sample letters and to learn more about the crisis. 

PRAY for the 10 million people affected by severe drought in the Horn of Africa

LEARN about the drought, keeping abreast of the latest information

GIVE generously with those who stand to lose much in this crisis. Give through:

     Disciples’ Week of Compassion
     UCC One Great Hour of Sharing


Rev. Sandra R. Gourdet
Executive, Africa Office