House Foreign Affairs Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Travel to Cuba

House Foreign Affairs Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Travel to Cuba

On the morning of Thursday, November 19th, at 10 AM (date changed from earlier announcement), the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a public hearing on travel to Cuba.  See the official announcement HERE.  The hearing titled, “Is it Time to Lift the Ban on Travel to Cuba?” will take place in Room 2172 of the Rayburn House Office Building.  In case you are wondering, this is HUGE news! 

The hearing is a major moment in the national effort to end the ban on travel to Cuba.  It’s our time to open debate to a public airing in Washington and hear what our representatives have to say.  The hearing will undoubtedly bring the momentum for the freedom to travel to a new level.  Already, support has been growing throughout the country — in the Cuban-American community, in the ag and business communities, in churches and community groups, in colleges and universities, among sports and cultural organizations.  Our diversity is our strength, and we need to continue rallying together to push the “Freedom to Travel Act” to the finish line.

If you’re near Washington DC, come show your support. The room will fill up fast so come early (7AM ?) to get a seat in the hearing room.

Not in DC? Not important!
In DC they say “all politics is local,” so let’s take this fight to the districts.  Cuba policy has shown us that change can’t happen just within the beltway and that we need to make the case for ending the travel ban in cities and towns across the country.

How can YOU mobilize on the day of the hearing?
Organize a rally or arrange meetings with your local district offices.  If you need help locating these offices, look it up online at or contact us at; we will gladly provide you with office addresses and organizing tips. 

If you received CubaGO! t-shirts, throw them on and get to your local congressional offices to show your support for Travel for ALL.  Don’t have CubaGO! t-shirts and need them for community action? Click here to order shirts.

We’re also re-vamping the website to utilize all of our resources.  Check it out to find background information, organizing materials and ways to get involved.  You can also register rallies or congressional meetings online or use the CubaGO! logo to print on flyers and signs for your rally.  Or review our talking points if you are able to set up meetings.  Also, snap some photos — email them to us and we will feature them on our website!

Constituent action is working!  You should know that within 24 hours of the United Nations vote we sent over 1,100 emails to President Obama — an incredible response from our last Action Alert.  We would love to see this mobilized effort again on the day of the hearing and beyond.  We want you to be thinking about making even more noise when the travel bill comes to a vote in the House of Representatives (first in committee, and then on the floor of the House).   That’s when all your work will finally pay off.  You want to be here – or online – for that, don’t you?

We are going to win this one! 


The CubaGO! Team
(Mavis, Paulo, Andy, & Emily)