Hungarian pastor wins award for work with Roma

Hungarian pastor wins award for work with Roma

Raoul Wallenberg Award to RCH pastor

Eszter Dani, pastor in the Reformed Church in Hungary, has been named one of the recipients of Raoul Wallenberg Award in 2012.

One of the most defining places of service for Reformed Church pastor, Reverend Eszter Dani, was the Munkács-community of the Subcarpathian Roma Mission of the Reformed Church, between 1996 and 2008. Beside her pastoral work, she also took part in planting and launching Roma congregations.

Since 2009, Eszter has been involved in Roma missionary service in the capital as a delegated official of the Danube District of the Reformed Church.

Her outreach includes organizing summer children’s camps and unique Bible-classes, which now not only attract children, but parents and families as well. The aim of her mission is to provide assistance in life management skills, healthy living, crime prevention and learning. 
She actively participates in overcoming anti-Roma prejudice as an active delegate of the Hungarian Reformed Church to the Roma Coordination Council of the State Secretariat of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice for Social Inclusion.

Rev. Dani’s pastoral service and her life achievements make her a role model for her peers. Eszter’s sacrificial efforts promote the cause of the disadvantaged and marginalized, and those suffering from discrimination.