UCC Immigrant Rights Sunday

UCC Immigrant Rights Sunday

In recent years the rights of immigrant and migrant laborers have been highlighted on May 1, which is Labor Day everywhere but the US. To invite churches to learn about and respond faithfully to the realities and rights of immigrants, the UCC designated the first Sunday in May, May 2nd, is Immigrant Rights Sunday. We are urging congregations to lift up immigrants on this day: to learn about their concerns, honor their contributions to our country and communities, and listen to hear where God is leading us regarding issues of immigration.

Welcoming the stranger is an edict from God to the people of God (Deuteronomy 10:17-19).  But too often the strangers among us are rejected and treated like enemies. 

As advocates for just immigration policies that guarantee legal rights to every person living in the United States, please join us in lifting up the concerns and immigrants on May 2.

On the First Sunday in May, Congregations are encouraged to include stories about immigrants in their worship service.  There are millions of immigrants and stories about strangers who reside near our churches.  Immigration Sunday is an opportunity to learn their stories and share them.  Click the links below for resources.

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