In Egypt: Call for peaceful protests and an end to violence on eve of elections

In Egypt: Call for peaceful protests and an end to violence on eve of elections

CEOSS statement on violence and protests on eve of parliamentary elections #EgyElections

Members of the Forum for Intercultural Dialogue at the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), including religious leaders, media, intellectuals, and university professors have condemned all acts of violence taking place now on the land of Egypt, which led to the fall of innocent victims killed and injured from either citizens, police officers or the armed forces who represent the shield protector for the future of Egypt. They call on the elders of the nation to stand united in facing all those who deem to be entitled to attack public and private enterprises, and disrupt the citizens’ life.

 This appeared in a statement issued by members of the forum, who stressed that what is happening in Tahrir draws regret and sorrow, especially that we are just a few steps from reaping the fruits of the revolution.

Members of the Forum call on all parties to quickly stop the bickering, in all its forms, and stop the blood loss in Tahrir and all the provinces. They also demand to keep the value of Egypt apart from any accounts or ideologies in particular, especially during the demonstration of the “last chance” called for by many forces of the revolution.

Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki – Director General of CEOSS called on all Egyptians to use the language of reason, with emphasis on the importance of peaceful demonstrations, in order to reach our future destination safely. This will also enable us to achieve the goals of the glorious revolution of January 25 together, through which we will draw a map for the future of generations to come. He also appealed to the Supreme Council of the armed forces to swiftly form a new government and activate its role during the current transition phase, one of the most critical stages in the history of modern Egypt.