Inanda Seminary Matric Results 2011

Inanda Seminary Matric Results 2011

100% pass, 99 distinctions

100% Pass, 99 Distinctions

Inanda Seminary, an all girl’s boarding school located in Inanda township, achieved a 100% pass rate and a 94.7% bachelors pass with 99 distinctions and two full houses.  The top two students attained seven distinctions, one student six distinctions, four students five distinctions and two students four distinctions.

Amongst the above mentioned results are a group of 15 students who attended Inanda Seminary through the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa’s (ISASA) Mathematics and English (M&E) Programme, largely funded by the Zenex Foundation.  The M&E Programme requires that the students who receive the funding take maths and physical science.   The M&E students generated 43 of the distinctions with each M&E student achieving at least one distinction. 

The historic Inanda Seminary that will celebrate 143 years in 2012 has reason to boast about its 76 matrics and their results for 2011.  The Principal, Mrs JAT Tate, credits an amazing academic and support staff and the matric students and their parents who believe in what is offered at the Seminary.

While academic results are of high importance, the school places great emphasis on Christian values, an African ethos, sport and developing potential in all spheres: intellectual, social, physical and spiritual.  While Tate is extremely proud of the matric results, she also hopes that the students have left Inanda Seminary with more than just a certificate but the influence of the school’s core values.  These values will last a lifetime and enable them to live up to the school’s motto, “Shine Where You Are”.