Invitation to join Palm Sunday Worship from Wiesbaden, Germany

Invitation to join Palm Sunday Worship from Wiesbaden, Germany

Palm Sunday Worship in the (Virtual) English Community in Germany

In 2015, the Evangelical Church in Wiesbaden, Germany recognized the opportunity to foster a new worshiping community to offer a diversity of worship practices familiar to Christian immigrants. The English Community Outreach Project was established to form a congregation uniting Protestant traditions in Germany with other cultural Christian traditions in worship. Today, members of the congregation come from Cameroon, Korea, Syria, Indonesia, and other European locations.

Rev. Rosalind Gnatt, pastor of the congregation and Global Ministries mission co-worker, writes, “I have never been friendly with computers, but necessity being the mother of invention, I have learned to use and love the computer platform that has let our women’s discussion group work together on the sermon for Palm Sunday. No, it’s not the ride into Jerusalem on a donkey story: together we have been getting to know and appreciate the courageous woman who walked in on a group of men, hanging out (or reclining) around the dinner table, broke an alabaster flask and anointed Jesus.”

Rev. Gnatt “invites you to join us, take a seat at the zoom table, pray and sing with us (our choir director will be playing our hymns from his home piano) – and hear what we have learned about the “Unnamed Woman” in the Gospel of Mark, 14: 3-9.”

This worship service will take via zoom on Sunday, April 5, at 6 am Eastern Daylight Time (US).  Click on this link to worship virtually.