An update from Jackman Memorial Hospital in India

An update from Jackman Memorial Hospital in India

May 2015

For more than one hundred twenty five years, Jackman Memorial Mission Hospital in India has provided high quality health care in the Bilaspur community. Located in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, it is situated in middle of the town, spreading across five acres of land.   Jackman Memorial Hospital was founded in 1885 by Disciple mission personnel.  In 1935, the hospital moved to its main building and in 1971 a new building was built that has become the center of the hospital campus in Bilaspur. 

Jackman Memorial Hospital continues to grow.  In the mid-2000’s the Jarvis-Harnar School of Nursing was inaugurated.  Since then the hospital has added an additional main hospital building.  Currently the hospital is constructing the Gregory – DeHaven Intensive Care Unit, and also is renovating its nursing hostel. 

Jackman Memorial Hospital features thirty skilled nursing in-patient beds, efficient nursing units, skilled doctors, leading-edge diagnostic equipment and the best of facility designs that meet their needs now and will continue to do so in the future. 

The Hope Chapel at the hospital currently has more than 300 members which is exceeding its seating capacity.  The chapel has a daily morning service for the hospital community before work begins as well as two hours of Sunday services, and Vacation Bible School during the summer. 

At the present time, Jackman Memorial Hospital is working on in the renewal of its equipment and seeks to secure, among other things:  digital x-ray equipment, an ambulance, and an expansion on Hope Chapel.  

Jackman Memorial Hospital continues to have faith in their ability to take care of each other, their small town and to nurture the traditions and dreams of the community.