JAI: An Eye on Palestine–July 2013 newsletter

JAI: An Eye on Palestine–July 2013 newsletter


New EU directive bars all dealings with Israeli-held areas over

The new directive published by the European Union prohibits all 28 members from any cooperation with Israeli entities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, reiterating its long standing position that Israeli settlements are illegal under international law and its non recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied territories.  It further stipulates that any future contracts between EU and Israel must include a clause stating that the West Bank and East Jerusalem are not a part of the state of Israel.  The directive came into effect on 19th July. European officials acknowledge that European taxpayers have inadvertently funded the expansion and support of illegal settlements in Palestine and this directive is to ensure that this should not reoccur.  Not surprisingly the directive was not well received by Israeli officials with many viewing the guidelines as political arm-twisting over the settlements. More Details

US organisations sued for supporting settler terrorist activities in the West Bank

A recently filed complaint in the New York district court has the potential to compensate and provide judicial recourse to a handful of Palestinians terrorized by Israeli settlers.  The civil suit has recently been taken by a New York based commercial law firm against five US organisations alleging that they violated the material support statute, which prohibits individuals from ‘knowingly providing material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organisation’ (in this case Israeli settlers). More Details

Gaza Strip faces water crisis

A UN report has warned that at current rates of extraction Gaza’s  underground aquifer will be damaged beyond repair by 2016.  Massive investment in desalination and wastewater treatment programmes are crucial to provide a sustainable solution for Gaza’s water problem.  However Israel’s blockade and the closure of Gaza’s border with Egypt mean that any investment in such programmes is problematic.  Securing enough water is fast becoming Gaza’s most urgent problem. Read More

Has the two-state solution already passed the point of no return?

Just last week the former Israeli Security Chief, Yukal Diskin claimed that the possibility of a two state solution had reached the point of no return (more detailshere),   However it appears that the US are loathe to let this most desirable option disappear and are pushing hard to bring Israel and Palestine back to the table for another round of talks.  However many remain sceptical of a successful outcome as Abbas reiterates his demands for a Palestinian state with  1967 borders and Israel continues with its expansion of illegal settlements throughout the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. Read More

Newsletter Spotlight

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Prawer plan will lead to the largest displacement of aPalestinian population by Israel in decades