JAI: An Eye on Palestine–November 2013 newsletter

JAI: An Eye on Palestine–November 2013 newsletter


EU claims it may reconsider Palestinian aid should peace talks with Israel fail

Speaking from Brussels on Tuesday, 3rd December, a senior EU official claimed that the EU may consider cutting off financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority if the peace talks fail. EU officials raised questions about continuing assistance to the PA a few months ago, in view of the lack of progress in the talks, the official said, in a briefing to Israeli journalists in Brussels. The assistance was intended to help the PA prepare itself for statehood, not to perpetrate the existing situation, he said. The EU is considering a gradual cessation of funding. This would mean that Israel would then have to take responsibility for the West Bank, including the payment to civil servants and public officials, he said.  More details

UN declares 2014 as the ‘International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People’

The UN passed six more resolutions concerning Israel on Monday, one of which called on Israel to cease imposing its jurisdiction on Jerusalem. Among the others were resolution 68L which declares 2014 as the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People; a call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and a call for Israel to comply with its obligations as the ‘occupying power’ according to international law. UN Watch president Hillel Neuer claimed that these resolutions will do little to help Palestinians and Israelis on the ground. He is concerned that the new year will bring further politicization of worldwide UN agencies which does little to resolve issues and in effect only damage the UNs credibility and effectiveness.  More details

Ongoing fuel crisis in Gaza has devastating effects

Gaza’s ongoing power shortages—which have inflicted long term daily eight hour blackouts on its residents—have worsened dramatically since the closure of the territory’s main power station at the beginning of November. This has compounded the effects of already severe fuel shortages initially caused by an Israeli blockade imposed in 2007 and more recently the Egyptian’s military closure of tunnels which were used as supply routes. As a result Gaza is currently experiencing between 12 and 16 hours of blackouts a day. These power outages are wreaking havoc on the daily lives of the people of Gaza. Economic hardship is intensified as businesses are forced to close. There has been a breakdown in public services which has led to warnings of a disease epidemic. With a health service which is already struggling under the recurring power outages this could have disastrous consequences for the most densely populated part of the world.  Read more

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