JAI: Easter in the time of COVID- 19

JAI: Easter in the time of COVID- 19

JAI.pngThe way we celebrate Easter this year is quite different. Coronavirus caused many changes in our Lives everywhere in the Globe. People are no more able to go to churches during the Holy Week and not even allowed to meet to share greetings as usual. In Palestine, where Christianity was originated, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and all the other churches will be closed as a health preventive measure.

The Whole world is in lockdown to overcome this pandemic and many nations show solidarity and empathy with the affected and poor ones. But there is still evil, injustices and oppression in many parts of the world. Many people lost their jobs and are turning poor and many can’t afford buying their basic food and health supplies. Many countries are not able to meet the health needs of their peoples. In the Occupied Palestine, the Israeli authorities and settlers are using the situation of lockdown as an opportunity to attack Palestinian land and properties in a noticeable way. 

Easter is about resurrection and  salvation. It is about triumph over death, diseases, oppression and injustices. It is about love and empathy. As we celebrate Easter, let’s remember, pray for and show solidarity and act with love for:

  • the ones who lost their lives because of COVID-19;
  • the poor people who can’t earn living and can’t meet the basic needs of their families;
  • the infected persons who are in quarantine or on ventilators;
  • the ones who are in fear and develop stress and who lost hope;
  • the oppressed people who in under more violations of their rights;
  • the poor nations and the oppressed people around the world;
  • the people of Palestine who fights for freedom and just peace.

May the Risen Lord fill your heart with faith, hope and Love in these days and inspires you to see life in its fullness

Happy and Healthy Easter