JAI: Easter message

JAI: Easter message

He Is Risen!

The Joint Advocacy Initiative of the YWCA of Palestine and the East Jerusalem YMCA invites you to Keep Hope Alive,
by joining us in our struggle for a just peace, by planting olive trees, by advocating for justice and equality, by supporting the Global BDS Movement.


It’s been a cold snowy wet spring and we have been planting trees nonstop since the middle of February. We have also been hosting many groups including the olive planters.

Easter is about celebrating life over death, about the way goodness overcomes evil, about how we are all capable of being transformed, and called to live resurrected lives.

They destroy or threaten and we plant and harvest. With your support and commitment to peace, together we can seed new life and reap the harvest of justice.

We invite you not only into the struggle but into the work of building a new future.