JAI Easter Message 2016: He is Risen

JAI Easter Message 2016: He is Risen

The light goes out from Jerusalem to the world. He is risen; He is risen, indeed. This is not just a greeting or even a past event celebrated only at Easter. Resurrection happens each time we demonstrate bravery and courage in the face of violence or death, each time we plant a tree or learn a new skill, each time we refuse to die or give up hope or give into despair.

The people in the occupied State of Palestine are living in dark times; increased violence leading to extrajudicial killings, escalation of homes being demolished and more and more land being confiscated. Settlement building is at an all time high and racial and religious hatred at a peak. Yet we continue to live, resist, and celebrate life. We continue to enroll in classes to learn new skills and to advocate for our rights. We continue to demand peace with justice.We continue to plant trees and somersault in the air in defiance.

We continue to teach our children how to have respectful and trusting relationships and how to say No to violence and oppression. We continue to teach life and Keep Hope Alive for a future with freedom and dignity.

The Joint Advocacy Initiative of the Palestinian YMCA and YWCA thanks you for your prayers and support and invites you to continue working with us in Keeping Hope Alive.

Happy Easter!