JAI: Eye on Palestine–mid-June 2014

JAI: Eye on Palestine–mid-June 2014

Bi-monthly newsletter from the Joint Advocacy Initiative of the YWCA and YMCAs in #Palestine

General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Votes to Endorse Selective Divestment from Israeli Occupation

The Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is pleased to announce that the plenary of the 221st General Assembly has voted 310 to 303 to divest from three US companies that profit from Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian lands.  Read more…   

Israel Violates International Law and Imposes Collective Punishment on Palestinians After Settlers Disappear

The recent wave of arrests, attacks, killings and total closure of large parts of the West Bank following the disappearance of three Israeli settlers is a clear form of collective punishment against the Palestinian people.  Read more…

Largest Mainline Protestant Church in U.S. Divests from Company Involved in Israeli Occupation

Amid concerns raised by church justice advocates, United Methodist Church Pensions sells all stocks in G4S, a supplier of security services and equipment for Israeli prisons, settlements, checkpoints and Separation Wall.

Los Angeles – The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (GBPHB) of The United Methodist Church, which manages an investment portfolio of over $20 billion, has instructed its investment manager to sell immediately all shares in G4S, due in part to concerns about the company’s involvement in human rights violations in the Israeli prison system and the military occupation of Palestinian territories.  Read more… 

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