JAI: International Solidarity Day on Nov. 29

JAI: International Solidarity Day on Nov. 29

Joint Advocacy Initiative of the YMCA and YWCA

[The Joint Advocacy Initiatve is a program of Global Ministries’ partners the YWCA of Palestine and the YMCA of East Jerusalem.]

Dear friends, partners, and peace with justice activists,

In light of the escalating attacks of Israelisettlers and soldiers on Palestinian farmers, land and olive trees, as well as the coming Israeli elections which will clearly result in a very right wing and more aggressive government leading to increased apartheid and occupation measures against Palestinians;

We, the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) of the East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine, call on our friends, partners, and peace with justice activists around the world to make a strong stand this year in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause for freedom by expressing your call for real practical change and continued pressure on Israel to end the occupation.

On Thursday the 29th of November, the UN assigned International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People, we call you to organize actions and activities of solidarity individually and/or with your Church congregation/group, YMCA/YWCA movement, solidarity group, university or school students…etc. You can also join actions and activities organized by Palestinian solidarity groups in your country or area.

Actions Suggested:

  1. Protest in front of the Israeli embassies and diplomatic missions in your countries, to be held on that day.
  2. Send clear individual or (preferably) collective letters to your Minister of Foreign Affairs calling for practical steps and policies to put pressure on Israel to force it to respect human rights and UN resolutions, stop its unjust practices against Palestinians, and abide by international law.

Here is a sample letter.

PLEASE report tous (briefly), on any action you take or join in this regard, and responses you may receive. It is very IMPORTANT for us to keep records of such! 

In solidarity,
JAI Team