Joint Advocacy Initiative (YMCA-YWCA) March 2 Newsletter

Joint Advocacy Initiative (YMCA-YWCA) March 2 Newsletter


Joint Advocacy Initiative

Newsletter – 2 March 2010

Olive Planting Program 2010 – daily news

From the 6th to the 15th of February, 45 participants from Norway, Netherlands, USA, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, UK, as well as the organizers from Palestine, have gone through this year’ JAI Olive Planting Program, in cooperation with the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG).

Throughout the program, participants planted about 1600 olive trees, met and helped farmers and their families, attended several lectures to further explain life under the Israeli Military Occupation and Israeli imposed apartheid system on the Palestinians.

Read their Day-By-Day news, reflection and see pictures.

Register Now! Joint the youth Journey for Justice Program 2010

From the 23rd of July (arrival) to the 1st of August (departure), young (17 – 25) YMCA-YWCA youth leaders from all over the world are invited for a challenging week accompanied by Palestinian youth in Palestine and Israel.

The program includes sharing the youth life, spend an overnight with their families, go to various places and sites in Palestine and Israel, and get to know realities on the ground by grassroots and specialists.

Read more about the program expectations, criteria and registration!

JAI Calls partners and friends to act defending Ush Ghrab

Ush Ghrab, an area owned by Palestinians, locates in the east of Beit Sahour. It used to be an Israeli military base until 2006, and now a Peace Park!

Israeli soldiers and settlers are re-occupying the land in an attempt to establish a Jewish settlement!

Read more details, ongoing public actions, and JAI call!

Youth Exchanges officer program in Norway January – February 2010

His program included participating at: the YMCA-YWCA GoCY internship program partners meeting, the Norwegian YMCA-YWCA Global Strategic Planning and Advisory Council workshop, the LNU Global Youth Partnership Conference!

Read more about each program’ participation and outcomes!

Open Letter

Palestinian, Israeli and International Human Rights NGOs Deplore Politically-Motivated Claims Aimed at Discrediting Human Rights Defenders.

Read the letter, which the JAI has signed on, justification, call and view other signatories.