Joint Advocacy Initiative newsletter for January 2011

Joint Advocacy Initiative newsletter for January 2011

Shepherds’ Nights Festival 2010

Read about and see photos of the Shepherd’s Nights Festival – 23 – 25 December 2010, took place in Beit Sahour, co-organized for the 3rd year by the Joint Advocacy Initiative.

For three days Palestinian, Italian and Spanish groups have performed songs and share their culture, while the festival aimed at supporting the cultural events in Palestine, marketing Palestine as a touristic destination, and send a message to the world that the Palestinian nation has the right of self determination and an independent state.

Remain updated with advocacy-related news on JAI website

A news tape was recently developed on the JAI where you can remain updated with: Israeli daily occupation and racist measures and attacks against Palestinian farmers, land, human and its own non-Jewish citizens; International and national Boycott – Divestment – Sanctions and anti-occupation activities, actions and calls.

Know your country and advocacy training youth trip

Advocacy and leadership training, sub-groups and teams’ activities and games, hiking and entertainment trip for the JAI youth group.

Read more about the trip, and see photos.

JAI-ATG Olive Planting Program 2011

5th – 14th February 2011 – Join Now!

Help Palestinian farmers plant olive trees as a sign of solidarity, strengthen our mission to “Keep Hope Alive” for a better future of peace with justice.

Read more about the program, proposed schedule and registration procedures.

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