Joint Advocacy Initiative January 2012 newsletter

Joint Advocacy Initiative January 2012 newsletter

YMCA and YWCA in Palestine publish newest update

New JAI magazine released: Palestine UN bid: it includes perspectives and articles on the bid, how Palestinian people perceived it, youth perspectives, PLO position, legal implications, Palestinian refugees’ rights perspective. Palestinian National Rights, the global intifada (uprising) and popular resistance, grass root Initiatives – BDS Movement, farmers’ steadfastness and fair-trade for justice, are also articles included with some relevancy.

Shepherds’ Nights Festival 2011: From the December 23-25, 2011, the fourth Shepherd’ Nights Festival was co-organized in Beit Sahour by the JAI. For three days, various local bands and groups performed and interacted with the audience. The festival aimed at sending a message to the world that the Palestinian nation has the right of self determination and an independent state, and to encourage the culture of selecting the Palestinian products as the first choice and boycott the Israeli products.  Click here to read more about the festival and performances, and see pictures.

The Bethlehem Call: Here we stand – Stand with us: This is the final statement of “KAIROS for Global Justice” conference that was held in Bethlehem on the second anniversary of the launch of KAIROS Palestine, on December 14, 2011.  It includes: description of current context, non-negotiable, vision, theology, positions and call for actions.

The JAI ends training for youth in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: The JAI organized training for youth in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, where 15 young males and females, ages 18–25, from the Bethlehem area participated on December 10, 2011.  Click here to read more details and see pictures.

Christmas at the Checkpoint:  In this account by Kathinka Aakenes, a GoCY internship program Norwegian volunteer at the JAI, shares her personal story, reflection and experience at the Bethlehem – Jerusalem checkpoint during Christmas time.