JPANet Action Alert: We Need U.S. Support for Peace Efforts in Israel-Palestine

[The following action alert was issued by the United Church of Christ's Justice and Peace Action Network (JPANet) on Thursday, Oct. 29.]

Tension and violence between Israel and Palestinians have escalated in recent weeks. With the threat of a third intifada, or Palestinian uprising, against Israel’s occupation looming, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Jerusalem last week to try to help ease the tension.

Secretary Kerry met with Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian leaders to get clarity and agreement on new security measures for the area around the al-Aqsa mosque, which has proved contentious for worshipers and groups asserting political claims of sovereignty over the holy ground. Such diplomatic efforts may reduce the likelihood that this flash-point will spark a new intifada, but other volatile conditions remain that threaten prospects for realizing a political solution that ends the occupation.

Learn more and take action: Tell President Obama you support U.S. efforts to establish a process and timeline for seeking a just peace that ends the occupation.