July 2020: Amidst Uncertainty

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Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.
However many years anyone may live, let them enjoy them all. 
Ecclesiastes 11:7-8

With the current pandemic-stay-at-home-quarantine situation, I find that some days I am incredibly annoyed by the smallest of things. An entire day can be turned upside down by a simple gesture over digital communication. Yet on other days, I feel ‘productive’- practicing a new skill, reading a book, cleaning out my email inbox, or doing my laundry by hand with the courtyard hose.

It somehow feels topsy-turvy and completely monotonous at the same time. However, there has been one wonderful habit that I look forward to every single day, no matter what. Sunsets.

I have used sunsets as a daily devotional of sorts. Every evening, I make sure to go outside, if I am not already there, and watch the sky light up. They are not all dazzling displays of color, but even just the deep darkening of the blues and purples ushers in the night and a sense of peace within me. When the clouds shimmer with the yellows and pinks of a stunning natural fireworks display it lessens the annoyance that may have been eating away at my mind. It relaxes my muscles after being tense for not “doing enough” that day. It makes me savor the moment – the amazing gift of life that I am experiencing; the immense amount of privilege to ride out a pandemic in the comfort of a courtyard here in the Philippines; and most of all, the beauty of our one world.

Even as a self-diagnosed morning person I will never be awake to catch every sunrise. But with sunsets, I can center myself in a profound and yet simple devotion. I encourage you to find a few extra sunsets these upcoming weeks. Savor the moment as you come closer to the creation we are all a part of.

Andrew Larsen serves with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. His appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.

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