June 2010: Climate Changes

June 2010: Climate Changes

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For as we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings, so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too. II Corinthians 1: 5

There are a few “commodities” and “luxuries” our family had in Chicago which we no longer have, relatively speaking, here in El Quiche, Guatemala.  For example, having access to potable water is not only a national problem, but for our area has been a years-long problem. The water truck drives down our street as early as 6 am every day of the week honking the horn and selling water. We buy our water this way. It is then stored in cisterns where the already murky water gets even murkier. Some days I wish I could submerge myself in Lake Michigan to bathe – and to be honest, I have never been interested in Lake Michigan, but now I miss it!  

Having access to potable water is not only a social problem but also an environmental one. There have been mild droughts each of the recent years, but in the past year throughout most of Guatemala and much of Central America, there was no rainfall whatsoever. Now the government has officially announced a severe drought. The drought destroyed most of next year’s subsistence maize (corn) crops, and the cost of maize has increased astronomically. Not only is there a lack of food for the upcoming year, but this has created a serious economic hardship for most families. While historically, many rural residents have been internally displaced, or uprooted from their communities due to colonialism, the 36 year old armed conflict and the recent mining business, now many are being displaced due to grave environmental changes. Yet there is something impressive about an organization like Guatemalan Cultural Action (ACG) which has a staff so committed and dedicated to improving the lives of each person in the community, even while living with their own economic hardships.

Pray with me, giving thanks to God for the Guatemalan Cultural Action (ACG).  May God bless you and your family in everything you do to support me and my family and the ACG.  I humbly ask for your continued prayers.

Gloria Vicente serves through Global Ministries with Guatemalan Culture Action (ACG) as a youth and communication worker.