Kairos Palestine Christmas alert

Kairos Palestine Christmas alert

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Please accept our best wishes and regards from Bethlehem!

With this letter we would like to remind you about our Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2013.  Kairos Palestine prepared a Christmas Alert in the form of a four-week Advent guide booklet, as we did last year, in order to bring awareness about the deteriorating situation in Bethlehem (in the occupied Palestinian territories) and to encourage churches, parishes, lay-persons and clergy all around the world to remember this season that marks the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ by mentally coming and seeing the hurdles to peace.

The idea is to focus every Advent Sunday on a different issue, highlighting the deep impact of the Israeli occupation on all levels of life in the Bethlehem Governorate. We combined statistics and facts on the ground with theological reflections from Palestinian theologians – lay persons and clergy. This year we’ve also expanded our cooperation with other Palestinian Human Rights Organisations, esteemed organisations like St. Yves, Addameer, ARIJ, DCI and Badil contributed to the Christmas Alert with facts and figures.

This year we are focussing on the following topics:

  1. Refugees and Refugee Camps in Bethlehem Governorate
  2. Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli jails (adults and children)
  3. Family Re-Unification
  4. Settler Violence

The following language versions are available on our website:

  • English
  • Polish
  • French
  • Catalan
  • Spanish

Other translations (Arabic, German, Korean, Danish, etc.) will follow soon. At this point we would like to use the opportunity to thank all the volunteers for their wonderful willingness and effort to assist us in translating the alert.