Khayelihle Children’s Village Update

Khayelihle Children’s Village Update

KCV still has 88 children in residence at the farm and 105 in the Community Orphan Care Programme (COCP).

Khayelihle Children’s Village Update


October 2009 Report


Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV) greets you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We praise the Lord for the showers we have received. We are looking forward to the rainy season.


It is unfortunate that the meteorologists report that we will get below average rainfall. This suggests that there might not be good enough rain for growing maize hence we are planning to plant sorghum which is a drought resistance crop.


KCV still has 88 children in residence at the farm and 105 in the Community Orphan Care Programme (COCP). All the children are in good health including the ones who are taking Antiretroviral tablets (ARV). The children have since returned to their respective schools after a two weeks teachers’ strike.


Bambelela and Innocent who are currently doing a course in Microtechnolgy passed their first level examinations and we praise God for that. Fifteen of our children including those in the COCP will be writing their Ordinary Level Examinations this year. These are examinations which are taken after four years of secondary education. Please pray for them that they remember what they learnt during the year.


A very successful girls’ conference was held at KCV Farm where nearly 100 girls from various Churches of Christ around Bulawayo attended. The girls interacted, worshipped and played games together. KCV girls played three netball games against other Churches and they won all. KCV Church of Christ has two new baptised members; we praise God for the growth of the Church.


KCV Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on the 24th of October. All are invited. Our children are practicing some traditional/cultural dances which they wish to perform during the AGM. This is the first time we are having our children doing this. We hope that they will master and perform well.


We are happy to announce that we won an award for a “Warm Home,” which was awarded to us by the Bulawayo Junior Council. We thank you all for your efforts, love, prayers and dedication in making KCV a wonderful and a most warm home.